Behind The Scenes Conversations

Module 1
Behind the Scenes Conversations

How to Brainstorm Ideas like a Pro

Learn how to have an effective brainstorm, how to make it fun, and how to execute on your ideas without getting sidetracked.

How To Have An Effective Brainstorm

A detailed breakdown of the advice, steps, and strategies you learned in the "How to Brainstorm Ideas like a Pro" podcast.

Should You Use Illegal Software?

Kong and Jesse share places to get music, the pros and cons of pirating editing software, and how to collaborate effectively on video ideas. Show notes: YouTube Music Library - Incompetech - AudioJungle - Guide to editing software - YouTubers: FreddieW - RackaRacka -

5 Rookie Content Creator Mistakes

Vitaly and Kong discuss the most common mistakes they see newbie content creators make. Avoid these and you'll save yourself months of wasted effort.

Go Viral Without Showing Your Face

Kong and Jesse discuss two viral videos and stress the importance of good writing. Both videos highlight YouTubers who used b-roll and voiceover in very different ways to achieve success. Show notes: Videos Reviewed: 27 - Gone Girl — Don't Underestimate the Screenwriter - Channels Mentioned: Every Frame a Painting - Nerd Writer -

The Best Way to Title & Tag Your Videos

Video titles play a huge role in getting people to click on your video. And if they click, they watch, and you end up with more subscribers. Learn the best way to title, tag, and describe your videos to get the most views. Show notes: Phillip DeFranco -

Avoid These Vlogging Mistakes

Kong and Jesse review a video from Viral Academy student Artemus Studios and discuss how he can elevate his vlogs with his unique editing skills. Show notes: Haters Ruin Dreams/Passions, Fought My Neighbor!!! -"

Should You Give Up on Creating a Gaming Channel?

Kong and Jesse explain how to film without a cameraman, where to meet other filmmakers, and whether there's any room for new gamers on YouTube. Hint: There is. Show notes: VideoGameDunkey -

Leveraging Fandoms into YouTube Subscribers

Kong and Jesse review a video of a cover song created by a Viral Academy student and give advice on how to best leverage existing fanbases to your benefit. Show notes: 10 Second Songs -

Never Upload Bad Audio Again

Kong demonstrates a few quick and easy tricks to improve lighting and sound with household objects you already own.

How to Hook Your Viewers

Kong and Jesse watch and do a video breakdown of Wendover Productions and You Suck at Cooking to demonstrate the power of creating unique hooks in your content. Show notes: Wendoverproductions - You Suck At Cooking -

Branding Your Channel

Aryia and Sean breakdown a video by Viral Academy user ZekeDegraw and give him advice on how to improve his content, optimize his channel, and create a strong brand that will compel people to return for more. Show notes: Lessons from Think and Grow Rich that Conor McGregor used to build his success - VidIQ Plugin -

Building To A Moment

Aryia and Sean breakdown "The White Room" by sketch comedy group Chris & Jack to demonstrate how twists and conflict lead to shares and virality. Show notes: The White Room -

Injecting Your Personality Into Content

Aryia and Sean review Jumpcut Academy user channel "Let's Catch Up" to see how a great concept can be elevated by infusing your personality into the content. Show notes: Let's Catch Up - Philip DeFranco -

Playing Against Expectations

Aryia and Sean breakdown viral sensation "Rich Chigga" and how to use perception to stand out from the crowd. Show notes: Rich Chigga "Dat $tick" - Lil Dicky - Vid IQ Plugin - Ok Go - "Here it Goes Again" - Mac Miller "Nikes On My Feet" -

Finding Your Voice

Aryia and Sean breakdown a travel vlog from Jumpcut Academy user DiscoverWithDima to teach you how your role models can help you find your voice. Show notes: Independence Day Weekend in Chicago - Vitalyzdtv - KassemG - Simple Pickup - Casey Neistat -

Heightening Your Content

Bart and Joe teach you how to heighten and build in storytelling to your videos to make them super compelling. Show notes: A DRUNKEN TALE -

Finding Rhythm and Pace

Bart and Joe break down a Viral Academy student's sketch on how to "text like a fuckboy" and give tips on how to improve the video. Show Notes: "text like a fuckboy" has since been made private since we filmed this episode.

One Video, One Million Subs: Melvin Gregg's Story

Viner Melvin Gregg shares his journey from zero to 10 million fans, and discusses how it only takes that "one" piece of content to make it big on any platform. Vine - Facebook - Instagram - YouTube - Twitter -

Turning Good Videos Into Great Videos

Bart and Joe breakdown Viral Academy student GuitarZero2Hero's channel to show how a few tweaks can make all the difference in taking a channel to the next level. Show notes: Top 7 Red Hot Chili Peppers Guitar Riffs - Guitar Tutorial Lesson -

Using Your Physicality

Bart and Joe breakdown Viral Academy student Wuzical the Muzical's content to demonstrate how someone can use their physicality to create more humor. Show notes: Wuzical the Muzical - Things I Hate About Summer -

Grounding Your Comedy

David So and Sean watch Viral Academy student Melik Prum's content and give him advice on how to enhance his sketch "When Watching the Olympics." Show notes: Melik Prum - Key and Peele -

Your Set Is A Character

David So and Sean watch Viral Academy student DelPaueTv and give her pointers on how to take her great content and enhance it with set design. Show notes: DelPaueTV - I'M PREGNANT -

If You're Gonna Be Weird, Go 100% Weird

David So and Sean watch Viral Academy student RileyNapord and give him advice on how to make the most out of an amusing concept. Show notes: TRAVEL HACK: Fresh Smelling Clothes - HowToBasic: FilthyFrank:

To Be Memorable, Be Specific

David So and Sean watch Viral Academy student Veng and give her tips on how to improve her vlogs and topics of discussion. Show notes: THINGS ASIAN PARENTS DO - Shit Asian Mothers Do - EOS Remote App for iOs - EOS Remote App for Android -

Editing For Impact

Vitaly and Aryia watch Viral Academy student UK Bling's "Old Man Disturbing the Peace" prank and give him pointers on how to take a good video concept and make it viral. Show notes: Old Man Disturbing Peace in Macdonalds Jackass Bad Grandpa Prank - UKBLING UK BLING -

Remixing Viral Videos

Vitaly and Aryia watch Viral Academy student Mister Boston rap a Pokemon song using samples from a Brizzy Voices video. Learn how to remix viral videos to take your content to the next level. Show notes: Pokemon Go Rap Song (ft. Brizzy Voices) - 151 POKEMON GO CRIES - VOICE IMPRESSIONS -

How One JA Member Grew to 300k Followers in Less than 3 Weeks

Viral Academy member Markian Benhamou grew his Facebook following to nearly 300,000 likes in just a few weeks using the Growth Hack Facebook course. Jesse sat down with him to find out how he was able to take action and achieve such amazing results. FB: YT: Instagram: Twitter:

Pushing The Boundaries

Vitaly and Aryia watch Viral Academy user JustNaderTV and give advice on how to take a prank concept and turn it up a few notches for additional views. Show notes: Public Poetry Reading Prank - Coming on Too Strong to Girls -

Does Clickbait Work?

Vitaly and Aryia watch Viral Academy user Call Me Red and give insight on whether or not clickbait thumbnails and titles drive more traffic. Show notes: Don't You Just Hate How... -