Gaming For Dollars

Module 1
Gaming For Dollars

Gaming For Dollars Trailer

Always wanted to make gaming into your career? Here's your best shot.

Level 1: Meet The Completionist

Meet Jirard Khalil, better known as The Completionist online, a beloved gaming creator with a massive audience.

Level 2: How He Found His Niche

How did Jirard become The Completionist and find his specific niche? Find out in this lesson and learn the best ways to locate your own perfect niche.

Level 3: Secret Strategies for Newbies

There's a right way to growing a gaming channel and a wrong way. Learn the smartest strategies in this lesson if you're a newbie looking to get started, or even if you're a more experienced creator looking to brush up on the latest tactics.

Level 4: How to Make a Lucrative Living

Learn the keys to monetizing a gaming audience on YouTube. If you think advertising is the only way, this lesson is going to be a shock.

Level 5: Put in the Work

The truth is, nothing comes easy. Not the fans. Not the content. And certainly not the income. But there is one way to guarantee those all happen: putting in the work.

Module 2
Bonus Content

Bonus Level: An Unedited Meeting With the Team

Want the full unedited experienced? Watch this interview with the full Completionist team to pick up some additional nuggets of wisdom from this group of succcessful gaming creators.