Growth Hacking Facebook

Module 1
Meet James Shamsi

Meet James Shamsi

James Shamsi is a brilliant viral marketer who has been behind some of the world's craziest online sensations. Meet your new mentor.

The "Cheap & Lazy" Philosophy

There's a right way to approach growth hacking and there's a wrong way. Surprisingly, this is one area of life where being "cheap and lazy" comes in handy.

Module 2
Growth Hacking Facebook from 0 to 1.6 Million Likes

Growth Hacking & Going Viral

The term growth hacking gets thrown around a lot, but what does it actually mean? That's what we cover in this worksheet along with a couple exceptional examples of growth hacking.

0 to 1.6M Likes: The Story

This brilliant viral marketer grew a facebook page from 0 to over 1.6 million organic likes in under 7 months. Here's how he did it.

0 to 1.6M Likes: The Tactics

Watch as James systematically breaks down his greatest viral marketing tactics.

A Growth Hacker's Dream: Aggregation Pages

Learn why aggregation pages are so valuable right now and how you can take advantage of them to grow your following on Facebook.

The 4 Ingredients of Virality

Going viral isn't rocket science. It just seems that way. Learn the 4 ingredients of virality so you can command massive attention online.

Module 3
Using Facebook to Raise $500,000 on Kickstarter

Raising $500k in 1 Month

James was able to raise half a million dollars on Kickstarter using a few clever growth hacks. Study them. Learn them. Use them for your own brand.

How to Come Up with a Good Idea

How do you know if your growth hacking idea is solid? It can be daunting to spend a significant amount of time on a marketing project without knowing if it's a good idea. Here's how to solve that issue.

Meet Lucy Axters

Lucy Axters sounds like a name straight out of a Marvel comic book. She actually does have some real-life super powers... growth hacking powers... like driving hundreds of thousands of people to a kickstarter campaign.

Viral Seeding - Part 1

So you've got a product that you're ready to push to the media? Here's what you do next. We call it "viral seeding."

My Secret Weapon

James calls Lucy his "secret weapon." Learn how you can make one of your own.

Viral Seeding - Part 2

Using only blogs and forums, James drove over 3 million views to one of his first viral projects. Here's how.

Posting in Groups

What kind of stuff does Lucy actually post in Facebook groups? See the word-for-word messages in this video.

Module 4
The Finale

Final Words

Now it's time for you to start using growth hacking strategies to grow your YouTube, Facebook, and other social media profiles. Remember, it's not about money... it's about ingenuity.

So, what now?

You now have all the tools and knowledge to create your own viral campaigns or PR stunts. So, what now? It's time to get creative.