Master The Funny

Module 1
Master the Funny

Meet Ownage Pranks

The Ownage Pranks channel has been making the world laugh (and getting milions of views) for nearly 10 years now. Meet the guy behind it all.

Why I Love Comedy

Comedy is Ownage Pranks' biggest passion in life. Find out why and see if you can relate.

The Science Of Laughter

Think you need to be born with an innate ability to be funny? Think again. There's a science to laughter and in this video you'll learn how almost anyone can be hilarious.

The 3 Steps To Every Comedic Routine

There's a specific formula you can follow to be funny. Don't believe us? Watch this video. Almost every comedic routine follows this 3-step process.

The 3 Methods To YouTube Success

Learn 3 methods Ownage Pranks has used to grow their YouTube channel into a view and money-making powerhouse.

What If?

Learn the best way to come up with funny situations. Ownage Pranks called it: The "What If?" method.

The Shit N' Stroke Method

One of the key traits of a successful prank calling channel (and comedy channels in general) is being able to know where the line is and how not to go too far or too little. When you find the sweet spot, you attain comedic gold.

Don't Be That Guy

Have you ever been in a group conversation and tried to make a joke that completely flopped? Here's why. Learn what not to do so that you can make sure your jokes are always set up for success.

Don't Make These Mistakes

There are a few mistakes that every single (aspiring) comedian runs into. Avoid these at all costs.

The "Funny" Test

Make sure you test out your content on the right audience or else the feedback you get won't be valuable. How? Use the funny test.

Starting with Improv

Why start out with improv comedy? Because it's a low-risk way to practice your skills. Compare doing a prank call (they can't see you) to getting up on stage for the first time to do standup. See? Big difference.

It's Your Turn: Do It!

Now it's time to get started practicing your skills. Here's a challenge from Ownage Pranks to get you going.

The Internal Battle

No matter how many tactics you learn, there will still be some part of you wondering: "I don't know if I can really be funny." You can. Here's how to get over that internal fear.

Intro To Character Voices

Character voices are Ownage Pranks' "bread and butter." Learn how he perfected the art of hilarious character voices and how you can too.

Character Voice Demonstration

Character voices are all about embodying a persona. It goes so much deeper than a voice. Learn how to think of your characters like actual people and why that's so important.

Creating A New Character Voice

Learn how to create your own character voice using Ownage Pranks' simple method.

In Conclusion

Ready to be hilarious? It's time to take everything you've learned and start putting it into use on your channel and in your everyday life.