The Art of Vlogging

Module 1
Master the Art of Viral Vlogging

Meet David So

Meet David So - a viral sensation known for his hilarious comedic vlogs. In this course, you'll learn everything David has discovered about vlogging while growing his channel to millions of subscribers and hundreds of millions of views.

You Can't Be a Jack of All Shits

You can't be everything to everybody. That makes it a million times harder to find and build your audience. So what do you do? Find your niche.

Vlogging = A Vessel For Comedy

David isn't just a "vlogger." That's just one piece of the equation. The real key is that vlogging is a vessel for his comedy. How can vlogging be a vessel for you? Think about it deeply, because if you want to be a succesful vlogger, you'll need to take this lesson to heart.

Why People Love Vloggers, & How You Can Be One Too

Most people don't understand how vlogging really works. Learn why audiences love certain vloggers and just don't connect with others. This is arguably the most important element of vlogging.

"I Want To Be A Vlogger, But My Life Isn't Unique!"

Think your life isn't unique? You're wrong. "No, really, my life isn't unique at all." Nope, you're still wrong. Watch this video to find out why.

You Don't Need A Bomb Ass Camera

Equipement is the last thing that is going to make or break your vlogging channel. Why? Hint: It's all about the person in front of the camera, not the amount of money you paid for some fancy lens.

Don't Talk Off The Cuff

A lot of people think vloggers are amazing public speakers. Rhetorical geniuses. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but they're not. They just plan really well and make it look effortless.

How To Film Yourself

Here's how to make sure you look great while filming your vlogs. David gives his best production tips and tricks.

The Two Rules Of Editing

Learn the two rules of editing so you can make sure all of your content comes out top-notch.

I Uploaded A Few Vlogs...Now What?

So you started vlogging, got some traction, but it's not picking up yet. You're not a viral sensation yet. Here's what you should do.

Good Vlog vs. Bad Vlog

What's the difference between a great vlog and a terrible vlog that gets less than ten views? Not sure. That's because you haven't watched this lesson yet.

Growth Hack Your Views

Learn David's best growth hacking strategies for growing your audience and building your channel into a subscriber generating machine.

Your Vlog Project

Alright, now it's time for you to take action on all these vlogging strategies. David's got a simple challenge for you that will help you get started.